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1. How do demographics effect the election AND legislative process?  Make certain to explain how and why they affect it, citing several specific examples and how they influence them both.
2. Though the President and Congress both have the power of foreign policy it is widely believed that the President has an advantage over Congress.  Identify and discuss two formal powers of Congress AND the President regarding foreign policy.  Which do you believe has greater power/ influence and why?
3. Whom do you believe the Constitution gives the most power to (Congress, the President, the Courts, the States), and why?  Make certain to explain and discuss what Constitutional powers specifically make your selection most influential or powerful over the others.
4. The Bill of Rights affords individuals a number of protections and rights in today’s modern American society.  Which of these do you feel is most in danger of being taken away or diminished in America today?  In your answer be certain to explain the right granted and how specifically it is in danger?
History/ Government question of the week:  Why aren't you getting ready for your final, instead of wasting your time on frivilous questions?

Just because question of the week: See above.
Welcome to the internet home of the Principality of Moodyland, a democratically functioning sovereign state wherein Ed Moody, Ed.D. holds 51% of the electorate voting rights.  Here we are a phrontistery, a word of greek origin meaning a thinking place, specifically dedicated to the study of United States History and United States Government and Politics.  We are dedicated to the study of history and its impact on the modern day, or its lack thereof.
You will find on this site helpful links, a calendar of course assessments and important school activities, as well as homework assignments and descriptions.  If you find links on this page that are "dead" or in need of maintenance, please feel free to email Dr. Moody at the email address at the bottom of this home page.

So that you know who you are dealing with, a brief professional biography of Prince Ed Moody follows:
B.A.: History - University of Arizona (GO CATS!)
M.A.: Educational Leadership - Northern Arizona University 
Ed.D.: Educational Leadership - Northern Arizona University (Go 'Jacks!)
1997: ascendancy to the throne
1997-2002: Instructor, Catalina Foothills High School (World history, 10th Grade humanities, U.S. history)
2002-2005: Assistant Principal/ Athletic Director, Canyon del Oro High School
2005-present: Instructor, Catalina Foothills High School (AP US History, AP US Government, US History, Government) 

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